Leverage our Specialized Consulting Services for Oracle’s Unified Clinical One Platform

The landscape of clinical trials has long suffered from redundancy and inefficiency, often due to isolated data systems, fragmented technologies, and inconsistent operational methods. But imagine a scenario where you design a study once, input data once, and manage every aspect within a single platform. Clinical One emerges as the pioneering solution, uniquely bringing together individuals, workflows, and data to streamline and expedite both present-day and future clinical trials.

With Oracle’s Clinical One platform, pharmaceutical sponsors can manage and unify all elements of the Clinical Development Lifecycle in a safe, secure and compliant manner, while also being open, collaborative and adaptive to change.

As one of Oracle’s preferred technology partner, we offer best-in-class cloud software implementation validation services to global pharma and life sciences companies.

Our Specialized Clinical One Professional Services

Our team of Oracle certified Clinical One Solution Engineers can execute fast and accurate study design setup with all the data validation rules.

With our strong clinical data management and Clinical One application knowledge, we can help sponsors to reduce the time for study database Go-Live.

Clinical One supports a wide-range of external application integrations for facilitating data exchange with cross-functional business groups.

With our extensive technical expertise, we can setup and validate different types of API and file-based system integrations that are ideal for your business process on the Clinical One platform for increasing operational efficiency.

From the initial study setup to database lock, our team can provide timely support to manage all mid-study changes.

Additionally, our service desk can provide assistance to study managers and site personnel with a comprehensive technical and functional support for fulfilling user requests, troubleshooting and resolving incidents, and executing ongoing change management.

Clinical One allows the integration of external business intelligence and reporting tools.

With our technical expertise, we can establish database connectivity and develop powerful custom reports and dashboards for generating valuable insights across the clinical development lifecycle.

Although Clinical One has built-in training modules, we can deliver process-oriented application training which is tailored according to your internal standard operating procedures.

Our training formats are designed to deliver practical hands-on learning experience for each user group.

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Take a look at how Oracle’s Clinical One Platform enables  Sponsor Users to easily setup clinical studies, perform randomization, track study supplies, complete source data verification, and timely resolve data queries. 

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