Introducing Techsol’s PVPIVOT Solution

As a pharmaceutical company, you need a proactive pharmacovigilance practice to ensure patient safety and minimize risks across your product portfolio. However, managing PV operations can be a complex and time-consuming task, requiring significant resources and
expertise. That’s why outsourcing your PV needs to a specialized service provider can offer significant benefits for your organization.

“PV PIVOT” is a value-focused business solution that aims to deliver high-quality and regulatory compliant Pharmacovigilance functional services using a powerful combination of subject matter experts, PV domain knowledge, lean business processes, cost-effective service models coupled with modern technology.

Our proprietary PV PIVOT platform offers a cost-effective solution to meet all your PV needs in a flexible and scalable way. By leveraging digitalization, automation, and real-time oversight, our platform eliminates up to 60% of the manual effort required for various PV functions. This means that your team can focus on more strategic tasks, rather than being bogged down by time-consuming and error-prone manual activities.

With PV PIVOT, you can establish centralized oversight and real-time monitoring of your PV operations, ensuring that all activities are performed in compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Our platform is also designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, making it easy to implement and use.