TrackWise System Integrations

Effective Quality Management revolves around integration of process information and event outcomes that may be captured and managed in different systems. This is a very common situation where pharma companies find it difficult to integrate their business systems with their QMS to orchestrate quality processes especially when the organization has multiple manufacturing locations. 

Fortunately, enterprise QMS solutions, like TrackWise QMS and TrackWise Digital, have proven system integration capabilities via open standards-based web services, to allow for interoperability among enterprise systems and communication of data with other systems.

Our TrackWise System Integration Methodology

TrackWise System Integration | Techsol Life Sciences

How We Can Help

At Techsol, our team of Quality Tech experts have helped several pharma companies to tailor lean quality processes by integrating the following systems and applications with the TrackWise EQMS.

ERP System Integration | Techsol

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

>   Leverage the readily available Master Product List from the ERP system in TrackWise to manage Quality Events

>   Quickly find the right product batch from the ERP and put it on hold after identifying and managing non-conformances in TrackWise

>   Establish the ability to efficiently track customer complaints back to the original batch 

>   Correlate non-conformances and customer complaints back to specific products and batches 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications

>   Track Product Quality Complaints and other issues in TrackWise QMS and link it back to customer interactions recorded in the CRM application.

CRM TrackWise

Your Questions & Our Answers

With our proprietary system integration accelerators, we use web open standards and APIs to facilitate data integration between disparate systems. The time to complete a proper system integration is dependent on factors such as the number of fields, data transformation needs, business rules, etc. 

We use the best of technology platforms that supports bi-directional, API-based, scalable and secure continous real-time TrackWise system integration. 

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