Individual Case Safety Report (ICSR) Case Processing

Patient safety is one the highest priorities for every pharmaceutical and biotechnology company. Therefore, the pharmacovigilance (PV) team has the crucial responsibility to identify, collect, analyze and process Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSRs) with confidentiality and report to regulatory authorities within the stipulated timelines.

With over 15+ years experience, our PV Team has helped several pharma and medical device companies by high-quality ICSR case processing services by by capturing information needed to support reporting of adverse events, product problems and consumer complaints associated with the use of FDA regulated products.

At Techsol, we strive towards delivering high-quality services in preparing Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSRs) for the following categories of medicinal products.

>   Branded and Generic Drugs

>   Medical Devices and IVDs

>   Biologics & Biosimilars

>   Vaccines

>   Cell and gene therapy products

>   Combination products

Case Processing Services

Case Intake, Receipt & Triage

We have extensive experience in completing intake and receipt by capturing accurate information about all reported AEs, SAEs, SUSARs, ICSRs and other safety records got from the following sources:

  • Phase I to Phase III Interventional & Non-interventional clinical trials 
  • Patient Registries, IITs, Compassionate use programmes
  • Spontaneous AE / SAE Reports reported by HCPs and Patients
  • Scientific Literature articles and databases (Medline, Embase)
  • Health Authority & Legal Sources

Activities We Perform:

  • Daily tracking of all reported incoming cases from various sources in various formats
  • Determine case validity and case type (solicited / unsolicited) 
  • Perform duplicate check and ensure completeness of required case elements  
  • Send case  acknowledgement ID to the sender
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Case Processing and Quality Review

Our Safety Associates process each case meticulously by completing the following actvities:

  • Capturing reporter information, source,  suspected medicinal product and patient information 
  • Review chronological correctness of AE related patient experiences
  • Follow-up with the sender for missing medical information, incorrect data and source documents

Issues that We Resolve Through Quality Review 

  • Missing adverse events/special situations, co-suspect drugs, medical history, lab data
  • Discordant data and medical coding errors
  • Identifying incomplete information for narrative preparation, spelling errors and typos
  • Missing or inconsistent medical assessment

Medical Review and Narrative Writing

As one of the most critical steps in ICSR case processing, our Medical Reviewers take utmost care to complete the following activities:

  • Completing analysis of similar events based reported by the same sender 
  • Determining case relevance, seriousness and priority based on the potential harm to the patient 
  • Completing causality assessment and evaluating listedness / expectedness of the reported AE
  • Completing Dechallenge and Rechallenge assessments
  • Completing medical coding (MedDRA for AEs and WHO-DD for medicinal products)
  • Authoring accurate case narratives by referencing patient’s medical history 
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Distribution & Regulatory Submission

We ensure timely submission of ICSRs to stakeholders and applicable Regulatory bodies by completing the following actvities:

  • Sending timely information to Sponsors, Marketing Authorisation Holders for safety management
  • Complete EudraVigilance reporting using EV Web and E2B (R3) compliance
  • Inform Competent Authorities, Ethics Committees/Institutional Review Boards and Investigators
  • Reconciliation with external data collection partners (CROs, affiliates, partners, etc.)
  • Tracking acknowledgements on completed submissions for future follow-ups and reference

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