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In the last five years, the pace of innovative technology adoption in the Pharma and Life Sciences industry has taken considerable leaps to disrupt medical research and the overall pharmaceutical product lifecycle management.

All your efforts driven towards digital transformation and increasing clinical development excellence requires a powerful combination of strategic focus, execution planning, knowledge enrichment, talent development, building a change adoption culture, and continuously deriving value through stakeholder collaboration.

At Techsol, our philosophy of customer success is directly a measure of the value we deliver through our products and services. We have been consistent in achieving our goals and winning our client’s trust for the last 13+ years across our business engagements. Our partners have always admired our exceptional solution delivery through the synergistic value-generation pathways we have created in the pharma ecosystem.

Why Clients' Trust Us

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How We Can Help

We work with a wide range of pharma, biotech, and medical device companies to make them successful in deriving maximum value from technology by bringing together practical domain knowledge, tech expertise, flexible solutions models, and a highly experienced team. Following are our primary focus areas where we work towards helping clients’ in their pharma digital transformation initiatives:

Connecting Digital Ecosystems

We integrate diverse applications, data resources, cross-platform technologies to enable lean business processes. 

Life Sciences Content Management

We unify content management across the enterprise through digitalization and data harmonization.

Validation and Assurance Services

With our unparallel CSV expertise, we support pharma to validate all types of systems and processes to account for global regulatory compliance.

Rapid Applications Development

We have a ready-to-use low-code apps development framework to engineer custom applications for digitalizing GxP operations.

Automation Engineering and Delivery

Our expertise in building AI-based solutions is primarily centered around Pharmacovigilance and Medical Affairs.

Quality, Risk and Compliance Oversight

Client's leverage our Compier platform to orchestrate GxP Processes and perform proactive oversight of business operation outcomes.

Common FAQs

At Techsol, we have developed a culture that embraces a continuous growth mindset which is fostered by incremental innovation. As a leading solutions provider, we have partnered with the best of technology providers to deliver their innovative products to our clients. 

Additionally, we have developed our own proprietary platforms which we provide using the SaaS model. Our SciMax Platform for Medical Affairs and the COMPIER platform for GxP Operations Oversight have led us to the forefront as emerging market leaders in delivering tech innovation. 

We always strive towards delivering products and services with the highest quality by adhering to best practices, global standards and applicable regulations.

As an organization, we have ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001, ISO 14155:2011 and ISO 13485:2016 certifications to account for GxP Quality and Compliance.

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