Health Data Protection Challenges: Where are we Now?

Data Protection Challenges – Webinar

Webinar Overview:

Since the implementation of GDPR by the European Union May 25, 2018, health care, pharma, and life science organizations impacted by the regulation have strived to apply a robust data privacy and protection framework to meet those compliance objectives associated with Special Categories of personal data: Health Data. Establishing, governing and monitoring GDPR compliance in health care, pharma, and life science companies is more challenging with a diverse set of affiliates, partners, and other stakeholders across various business functions.

Focus Areas:

  • Introduction to GDPR as it applies to Health Data Protection
  • What rights do individuals have relating to their personal information?
  • What security requirements apply to personal health data?
  • How personal health data should be protected
  • Operationalizing an internal privacy program for health data
  • What other health care laws apply to companies in the life sciences vertical, and how can we leverage existing compliance programs to reduce the lift of GDPR compliance?
    • Intersection of GDPR with other EU regulations such as Clinical Trials Directive
    • Intersection of GDPR with HIPAA
  • New Data Protection and Patient Privacy regulations
    • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
    • The potential for a US Federal Privacy Law
  • Remember that the GDPR requires ongoing compliance—not a one-time compliance project

Key Speakers:

  • Jim Cormier, CIPP/E, is an experienced privacy attorney and Senior Counsel at VeraSafe, an industry-leading privacy-consulting firm. His practice focuses on European data protection compliance in general and GDPR and Privacy Shield compliance in particular. Jim regularly assists clients ranging from SMEs to large multinational corporations in establishing and managing forward-looking privacy programs that fit the specific needs of their organizations.
  • Richard Lipman, GMPCP, is Director, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance at Techsol will be speaking on how Pharma and Life Sciences companies should tackle different types of health data protection and privacy challenges and avoiding compliance pitfalls with practical solutions.

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Event Details:

Start Date: June 19, 2019

Time: All Day

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