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As the platinum sponsor of WDS 2022, Techsol Life Sciences is looking forward to meeting you and your team at this years' event. Stop by our booth to have a conversation about your business needs and present our solutions. Also, don’t miss your chance to participate in our ‘Spin & Win’ contest to take away the below exciting prizes.

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IKIGAI - Techsol Life Sciences World Drug Safety Congress 2022
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Day - 1 (October 4th, 2022)

We are proud to announce that Satya Sagi, Founder & CEO of Techsol Life Sciences will be delivering an insightful presentation on the “Transformation of pharmacovigilance operations to enable PV Ops Oversight through Digitalization” at 2:40 PM to 3:00 PM.

Key takeaways:

  • Get introduced to concept of Pharmacovigilance Oversight
  • Learn about how to address current PV Operational Challenges
  • Formulate a roadmap for PV process digitalization, and
  • Learn about the long-term benefits after PV Ops Digitalization & Oversight implementation.
WDS - Scope of Automation | Satya Sagi

During the conference session breaks, you are welcome to attend the following presentations at the Techsol booth.

  • Digitalize and Automate Literature Screening while increasing efficiency and achieving compliance (Timing : 10:40 to 10:50 , 4th Oct 22)
  • Streamline Drug Safety Aggregate Reporting Through Digitalization (Timing : 13:00 to 13:10 , 4th Oct 22)
  • AccelSafety – Integrated Drug Safety and Signal Management Solution , Powered By : Oracle Argus (Timing : 13:30 to 13:40 , 4th Oct 22)
  • The Future of GxP Operations Oversight & Compliance Governance (Timing : 10:40 to 10:50, 5th-Oct-22 @ Booth 3)
  • Leverage the Power of Digital Safety Data Exchange Agreements and Streamline Partner Oversight (Timing : 13:00 to 13:00, 5th-Oct-22 @ Booth 3)
  • AccelSafety – Integrated Drug Safety and Signal Management Solution , Powered By : Oracle Argus (Timing : 13:30 to 13:40, 4th-Oct-22 @ Booth 3)

Techsol’s WDS 2022 – Lucky Draw Contest

Don’t miss the fun while you can get lucky this WDS 2022!

We welcome you to interact with our team, fill in your entry and drop your Business card to participate in our two-day lucky draw contest to win a Marshall Speaker and Gift Cards.

Marshall Speaker - Techsol Life Sciences
Dunkin Donuts - Techsol Life Sciences World Drug Safety Congress 2022
Amazon Gift Card | Techsol Life Sciences

Day - 2 (October 5th, 2022)

SDEA Lifecycle Management involves collaborative effort and timely communication from multiple stakeholders while drafting agreements for various PV Processes. Don’t miss this insightful panel discussion with thought leaders from the industry to streamline agreements, exchange and reconciliation.

Topic: Key Opportunities to Increase Efficiency and Achieve Global Compliance Across SDEA Operations While Engaging With Partners & Affiliates (See Panelists below)

  • Ram Vempati, Head of Pharmacovigilance, Arcellx Inc.
  • Victoria Bartasek, Senior Associate Director, Global Pharmacovigilance, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG
  • Paridhi Anand, Associate Director, PV Operations, ICSR Quality and Analytics, Moderna Therapeutics
  • Satya Sagi, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Techsol Life Sciences
Medical Affairs Forum 2018

Learn about our end-to-end, integrated Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance Technology Solutions and Functional Services that we delivered for more than 80+ clients. Our strategic solution delivery model includes a combination of Oracle Argus Safety, Compier PV Ops platform and SciMax medical affairs platform. Have a chat with our team and send us your requirements and business priorities. We'd be happy to present our unified business solutions that increases quality, compliance, and overall value.

Integrated Drug Safety Platform | Techsol Life Sciences

AccelSafety Platform

Leverage a fully-managed Drug Safety and Signal Management platform powered by Oracle Argus Safety.

Compier PV Ops Platform

Learn more about how Compier can augment your PV Digital Transformation initiatives and establish PV Ops Oversight.

PV Functional Services

With our unique PV360 model, Techsol specializes in delivering end-to-end Pharmacovigilance functional services.

MedAffairs Platform

Discover how the SciMax MedAffairs Platform can unify your customer interactions after product launch.

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    Aggregate Reporting – Significance, Classification and Challenges

    Aggregate reports are the cumulative reports in the database that emphasise on evaluation of safety profile and risk-benefit analysis of a drug. Aggregate reporting is the process of compilation and submission of aggregate reports to the regulatory agencies over the period of the product’s life cycle (during pre-marketing and post-marketing phase) to provide a comprehensive [...]

    Literature Screening – Process overview, challenges en-route and the scope for automation

    Medical and scientific literature is a valuable source of safety information that helps in monitoring benefit-risk profiles and emerging safety issues of medicinal products. Literature screening is conducted to ascertain abstracts and articles that provide crucial information on serious and non-serious Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSR) reports and risk-benefit assessment of a drug. The scientific [...]