6 Critical Considerations for Modern Global Medical Information System

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If you’re looking for a new Global Medical Information (MI) system, make sure you read these top six considerations from Jayne Packham, a consultant with 23 years’ experience in MI.

It’s a given that a modern global MI system, should log, track and seamlessly integrate with a knowledge base of responses. But what else should you consider to secure the best system for your organisation?

Consideration 1 – Web or local access?

Historically, companies have installed stand-alone MI systems on local country servers and desktop PCs. But this has inherent limitations:

  • Reliance on local IT infrastructure to install, update and maintain the system
  • Restricted user access, often limited to the desktop where the system is installed or remotely through a corporate virtual private network

In comparison, a web based system gives a better, more flexible solution. Providing users have access to a PC or device with internet access, they can connect to the MI system using a standard internet browser. Benefits of a web system include:

  • Access the system at any time – in and out of office hours
  • Access anywhere with internet access – office, home, field-based and by outsourcing or off-shoring partners
  • Web-based systems have a zero foot print, meaning no software needs to be installed locally. The vendor maintains and updates the system centrally, removing the need for local IT support

Consideration 2 – a configurable or customizable solution?

This is a critical consideration and one that companies often overlook. What are the differences and the implications of the two choices?

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