Techsol Unveils the Latest Release of MedInquirer

PRINCETON, N.J., May 01, 2018

Techsol, a leading life sciences cloud technology services provider, announces the latest release of MedInquirer. As the industry’s most configurable medical information management system, MedInquirer is primarily sought by pharma, medical device manufacturers and medical information call centers to quickly respond to medical inquiries, manage product complaints and adverse events reported by consumers and healthcare professionals.

What is the latest release all about?

“We are very excited to announce the latest MedInquirer release which includes a host of novel features and enhancements. The advanced configuration library has built-in custom forms, data protection and privacy rules for augmenting medical information management business processes in adherence with global regulatory compliance requirements” said Saad Rahman, Director of Product Management at Techsol Life Sciences.

What is the specialty of ‘Custom Forms’?

MedInquirer’s new ‘Custom Forms’ feature will enable pharma contact centers to rapidly configure multiple data forms with flexible field types to capture additional information for an incoming Medical Inquiry (MI), Adverse Event (AE) and Product Compliant (PC).

This feature not only allows easy creation of reusable data forms across medicinal and med device products but also has the intelligence to cascade selective or all information for downstream activities. Data captured on custom forms can be made product specific and can be seamlessly transmitted to distinct user groups (drug safety, commercial, quality, compliance etc).

With the ‘Custom Forms’, Pharma Contact Centers can now capture consumer, drug, and med device specific information, such as disease state surveys or product quality questionnaires.

What is new about the ‘Data Protection & Data Privacy’ rules engine in MedInquirer?

With growing compliance concerns around GDPR, we have incorporated a very sophisticated ‘Data Protection & Data Privacy’ rules engine to protect or maintain privacy for the case reporter/contact personal identification information (PII) as per the country’s data protection regulations and rules.

The execution of the configured rules enables data records encryption, decryption, selective display and redaction of PII across the Case Form, Responses, Correspondence, Transmissions and Case Attachments. These rules can be restricted and edited at the site level with predefined data retention periods.

What are the other highlights for this latest release of MedInquirer?

  • The User Interface (UI) is modernized with intuitive auto-suggestions and field highlights for contact center agents to facilitate high-quality speedy data capture
  • The downstream E2B XML based Adverse Event case transmissions to an integrated Drug Safety System allows additional reporter data, flexible receipt of acknowledgments with the configuration of unique Receiver Identifier, Sender Identifier and DTD URL/Location for an organization.
  • MedInquirer can seamlessly integrate with external Product Complaint Systems with XML driven field data mappings
  • The existing integrated Inbox, Case Correspondence, Case Query and automated Case Transmissions functionalities are revamped with additional configurations, site-based business rules, data governance, audit history controls and congruent reporting capabilities
  • A fully integrated native MedInquirer Mobile App is readily available for Commercial Reps, MSLs, and Congress Booth Agents to collect and fulfill medical inquiries at remote sites and to generate event-specific daily reports

“The active roll-out of this release which began last month has gained immense momentum and clients are excited to have a host of novel functionalities without any upgrade costs. With GDPR coming into effect, the new features related to data protection and data privacy is aimed to address changing regulatory compliance needs” remarked Jay Canter, Vice President of Business Strategy.

About Techsol

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Jay M. Canter
Techsol Life Sciences

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