Digital Transformation Catalyst For The Pharmaceutical Industry

The Asia Pacific Pharma Market which is the second largest after the North American market is predicted to cross $280 billion by the year 2021. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, pharmaceutical companies have shifted the focus from ‘Volume’ to ‘Value’ for increasing the quality of customer experience. With a gradual shift from product to the customer, the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly leveraging latest technology and value-based IT service providers to gain better outreach in the market.

Set against such a backdrop is Techsol Life Sciences, that is catalyzing the digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry in three key areas—medical affairs, drug safety, and clinical development.

At the forefront of pharma excellence, Techsol’s business is broadly divided into services and product development units. As a market leader in Asia Pacific region, Techsol’s service unit provides value-driven technology services with a commitment to increasing the operational efficiency of global pharmaceutical organizations. On the other hand, Techsol’s product development unit is responsible for developing purpose-built innovative software solutions to address specific unmet needs in the pharma industry.

Being a highly regulated industry, taking advantage of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, and others will fundamentally reshape various business processes involved in drug & device development by reducing time to market and addressing compliance challenges. In a nutshell, the objective behind the digital transformation of the industry is to improve efficiency, uncover new business opportunities, and build a better relationship between patients and providers.

With a mission to make a meaningful impact on patient’s lives, Techsol offers specialized and innovative software solutions and services for re-imagining how new medical treatments are discovered, developed, and delivered. Along with modern cloud solutions, the company offers services to understand client’s business challenges and resolve them with lean and risk-based congruent solutions fostering quality, speed, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance. “Our vision is to become a pioneer in providing value-driven, high quality, process-oriented technology services and simplified business solutions for the pharmaceutical industry,” says Satya S S Sagi, Founder and CEO of Techsol.

The visionary behind Techsol’s innovative products and services is Satya Sagi, who has two decades of industry and domain expertise in the life sciences and pharmaceutical space. His rich knowledge in clinical development, drug safety, pharmacovigilance, and medical affairs led him to lay the foundation of Techsol. He is backed with a strong team of technical and functional domain experts and led by Sriram Varma, Vice President of Service Operations who has a strong business and technology background. Leveraging his experience over a decade in IT, Sriram specializes in the enterprise pharma systems implementation, validation, data migration, application integration, and offering systems support on cloud and on-premise platforms.

“With our experience thus far, we have continued to excel as a trusted technology partner for pharma and life sciences companies because we have constantly reinforced risk-based quality & compliance in all our software solutions & services software solutions & services. However fast technology may change, our approach to address the business challenge and simplify the solution has been consistent by fostering continuous innovation” said Sriram Varma.

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