Medinquirer Selected as Medical Information Management Platform by Global Pharma Company


Built with modern technology and intuitive data entry interface, MedInquirer was developed as a purpose-built cloud solution by Techsol to fully support global medical information management needs of Pharma and Contact Centers. The system is used to collect, manage and respond to large volumes of medical inquiries (MIs) and to capture adverse events (AEs) and product complaints (PCs) for all types of therapeutic areas including specialty products.

“Both of our new clients have contrasting business needs and we are proud to say that they selected our product as the best fit for carrying out medical communications after an in-depth market analysis and an extensive request for proposal and vetting process. With our new version release last year, our product has more salient features and greater flexibility to adapt to different business requirements”, said Jay M. Canter, Vice President for North American Business Development and Strategy for Techsol Life Sciences.

Choice of MedInquirer by a Global Pharma Company

The mid-size Pharma Company based out of New England and Ireland currently works with a call-center partner. With MedInquirer’s competency to integrate with Veeva Vault MedComms for Medical Information fulfillment, and Veeva CRM, for automatic intake of Electronic Medical Information Requests (eMIRs) from its extensive team of Medical Science Liaisons, the company aims to boost its medical communications operational efficiency. Multiple functional groups such as the Pharmacovigilance department, Quality, Validation, Regulatory, and IT have already started working together to define the new business transformation roadmap that will foster team communication and collaboration.

Another highlight of this project is the rollout of the MedInquirer Self-Service Portal (SSP) for the Pharma Company by the third quarter 2019. The SSP will open up another new channel for the Pharma Company to engage with Health Care Providers (HCPs), non-HCPs and patients by providing accurate product information, receiving medical information requests, adverse event reporting or product complaints, web chats and selective sharing of content directly from Veeva MedComms through the online portal.

As part of the solution implementation roadmap, integrating the pharma company’s safety system and product quality system with MedInquirer is planned for the last quarter of 2019. This will be a significant achievement for the pharma company to meet FDA’s new Post-marketed Safety Reporting (PMSR) for Combination Products requirement, scheduled to go into effect July 31, 2019.

“Both teams are super excited to get started in this big initiative. We have jointly identified multiple workstreams and organized several parallel activities with participants from multiple process groups. The scoping and risk management activities are underway with the configurations, integrations, and reporting requirements discovery workshops. Based on our past business engagements, we are very confident that MedInquirer will scale-up and automate various manual processes and there will be a significant increase in operational efficiency both within the pharma company and for its call-center partner. From the compliance perspective, the configurable and data privacy and data protection rules in MedInquirer will easily enable our client and its affiliates to fulfill GDPR and other regional regulations”, noted Kevin Shea, Techsol’s Senior Project Manager.

MedInquirer selected as the preferred solution for a Global Contact Center

Techsol is proud to report that a Global Medical Information Contact Center located in the United States, chose to implement the MedInquirer solution as their in-house medical information platform. Serving several pharmaceutical partners, the Contact Center aims to utilize MedInquirer’s segregated, multi-tenant configuration capability to improve quality, efficiency and performance within its experienced contact center team. MedInquirer’s advanced feature functionality will also eliminate several time-consuming and manual processes, streamlining operations and optimizing client services.

“MedInquirer’s modern, call-center friendly user interface, powerful case management workflows, built-in Inbox, flexible fields configurations, conditional workflows and interactive business reporting will boost the Contact Center’s capability to provide high-quality medical communications services for their pharma clients.”, said Saad Rahman, Director of Product Management.

As part of this engagement, the Contact Center will also leverage the opportunity to increase its business value by offering Techsol’s MedInquirer Self-Service Portal to those pharmaceutical clients who require an online channel to facilitate consumer interaction and provide product information directly to consumers and healthcare professionals. In a similar manner, the Contact Center will offer an end-to-end digital content management functionality for those clients who want to author, review and publish their medical information content directly within the MedInquirer solution.

The biggest value-add for the Contact Center with the implementation of MedInquirer is the significant reduction in the total cost of ownership by leveraging a purpose-built global medical communications platform, which fully supports call-center operations. With a fully-managed, scalable cloud solution, the Contact Center will leverage the continuous support from Techsol’s expert team to setup individual tenants for each of their pharmaceutical clients as they increase their clientele.

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